The European Alliance for Personalised Medicine was launched in March 2012, with the aim of improving patient care by accelerating the development, delivery and uptake of personalised medicine and earlier diagnostics, through consensus.

Alliance began life as a response to the need for a wider understanding of priorities in personalised medicine and a more integrated approach among distinct lay and professional stakeholders.

continues to fulfil that role, not least through regular major events and non-stop media interaction, the publication of Special Issues and more.

Numerous publications, reports and studies have helped to create a large body of reference work that has the knowledge and opinions of Europe’s leading experts as its main contributors.

Not only that, but by conducting interviews across stakeholder groups – to include patients, clinicians, industry leaders, politicians, academics and more – EAPM has published dozens of articles and opinion pieces across Brussels-based, pan-European and even broader media.

Down the years, it has many times succeeded in influencing policy not least through the many amendments it has suggested to Commission proposals on such matters a Big Data, IVDs, clinical trials and HTA, and through constant engagement with Presidencies of the EU.

It has also worked hard to bring about stakeholder alignment, both at institutional and organisational levels.

EAPM’s stakeholders focus not just on the delivery of the right treatment for the right patient at the right time, but also on the right preventative measures to ensure reliable and sustainable healthcare.

The mix of Alliance members and its broader stakeholder outreach provides extensive scientific, clinical, caring and training expertise in personalised medicine and diagnostics, across patient groups, academia, health professionals and industry.

Its STEPs campaign, conferences, roundtables, Working Groups, plus a Regulatory Affairs Group have not only raised awareness of the immense possibilities of PM but have also greatly helped to set the agenda – making EAPM the go-to organisation in this rapidly emerging field.

The Alliance’s diverse membership, which takes in all stakeholders, its energy and its constant engagement with new and long-standing MEPs have ensured that EAPM has quickly become a major influence in implementing personalised medicine now, and will continue to do so into the future.

Relevant departments of the European Commission have observer status, as does the EMA, and our engagement with Member State health ministries and Members of the European Parliament and in key policy areas is a crucial part of our ongoing work.

In fact, for several years, EAPM has organised a STEPs Interest Group of MEPs made up of deputies that it regularly works with and who have an interest in healthcare in general and personalised medicine in particular.

STEPs stands for Specialised Treatment for Europe’s Patients which, in the context of personalised medicine, is our ultimate goal.