Video: Cancer Care BEACON

While notable progress has been made in cancer treatment, addressing disparities in cancer screening, diagnosis, treatment, quality of life, survivorship management, and end-of-life palliative care remains a significant and ongoing challenge. Throughout Europe, primary disparities often revolve around difficulties accessing information, increasing healthcare expenses, and ensuring equal access to comprehensive treatment options that yield the best outcomes. Creating videos about cancer disparities can serve as a powerful tool to raise awareness and educate the public about this crucial issue.

As part of the BEACON project, the European Alliance for Personalised Medicine, the leading organization for Work Package 1, produced 12 distinct videos during the High-level BEACON Stakeholder Seminar titled ‘Cancer Care Beacon: Reducing Disparities Across the European Union (BEACON): Developing an outline of the ‘Sustainability Model.’

The seminar took place in Zagreb on February 16th and 17th, 2023.

Incorporating innovation into the healthcare system encounters various pivotal challenges, grouped into specific areas. Early diagnosis and awareness hold immense importance, yet disparities often stem from insufficient evidence across diverse healthcare systems. Challenges further extend to predicting upcoming educational requirements and articulating complex concepts like Health Technology Assessment (HTA) and reimbursement, ensuring the proper integration of technology.

By disseminating information through diverse stakeholder influences and sharing their best practices via the BEACON videos, we aim to advance toward a more equitable and fair healthcare system for all individuals impacted by cancer.

“Empowerment begins with awareness. Join us in shedding light on the fight against cancer disparities through knowledge and understanding.”

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