Smart - Outreach

The 2015 EAPM annual conference introduced the Alliance’s ‘SMART’ concept, which stands for “Smaller Member States and Regions Together”.

EAPM  is convinced that the perspective of these countries, as well as regions in larger states, is extremely important when it comes to determining whether there is a case for EU-level action on health. 

Smaller states has been active in shaping health policy et European level and can now act as vital policy entrepreneurs pursuing normative policy agenda.

It is clear that the EU’s smaller Member States and the regions within larger ones, find collaboration a necessity and will very likely show Europe the way when it comes to achieving this. 


Policy papers

Please see the following relevant documents

SMART Outreach - Pathways to Personalised Medicine


Let’s dive into the specifics of our objectives and work together to turn our vision into reality.

  • Improving collaboration of the smaller states ad regions in health policy
  • Implementing legislative dossiers in individual countries 
  • Developing a core group of stakeholders to facilitate activity on the ground in Members States and support the Alliance a EU level.
  • Creating a steering group of members that will meet regularly and act as a point of contact for EAPM’s work in the wider Europe to ensure that there is effectiveness and coordination in the regulatory, policy, education, and engagement arenas.