Side Event at ESMO2024 Congress

Name: The missing element in bringing real innovation to Europe’s healthcare system and tangible benefits for cancer patients

Location: Hotel Porta Fira, Pl. d’Europa, 45, 08908 L’Hospitalet de Llobregat, Barcelona, Spain

Date: Friday, September 13th 2024

Time: 9.00 – 17.15 CEST

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The EU has repeatedly recognised the challenges it faces in its health policy and healthcare provision – those familiar acknowledgements of the resource implications of aging populations, increased chronic disease and rising expectations, intensified by the speed and scope of scientific and technological progress that increasingly outpaces regulatory systems. Only by fundamentally rethinking our health and care systems can we ensure that they remain fit-for-purpose. This means systems which aim to continue to promote health, prevent disease and provide patient-centred care that meets citizens’ needs. Health and care systems require reforms and innovative solutions to become more resilient, accessible and effective in providing quality care to European citizen.

In the context of personalised medicine, the rapid growth in the availability of biomarker testing based on molecular diagnostic (incl Liquid biopsy) and use of AI has made it possible to improve European citizens’ health. Widespread adoption would support continued improvements in outcomes for diseases, already for cancer, and increasingly across a wide range of conditions. And the prospects are even more attractive if the development and deployment of more sophisticated biomarkers is encouraged. This would enable exploiting the possibilities of precision medicine—and would drive the evolution of much-needed debate and definition of the role of real-world evidence. The impact on patients’ health would be more informed treatment decisions and increased access to targeted treatments, with improved outcomes. The impact on health systems would be the better deployment of resources that precision medicine allows.

Taking into account the above as well the EU will have a new European Parliament as well as the European Commission, the event is focused on the following four debates to derive key action points:

  • Debate I: Can patients live their best lives? Early Detection, early diagnosis and treatment
  • Debate II: The needs of the healthcare systems to realise early detection and diagnosis
  • Debate III: Reasons for the delay in bringing innovation into healthcare systems: reimbursement or political?
  • Debate IV: Which region has done better in bringing innovation into healthcare systems?   EU v US

You can find the agenda here.

You can register for the event here.

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