Revolutionizing Molecular Diagnostics: Slovenia

Slovenia demonstrates a positive environment for implementing NGS technology, yet faces challenges in trained personnel and educational programs. Here’s a snapshot:

  • Infrastructure and Utilization: NGS testing is available with adequate support, reflecting a promising landscape for implementation.
  • Molecular Tumor Boards: Active engagement in frequent MTB meetings signifies involvement in patient case discussions and decision-making.
  • Education and Awareness: While reimbursement exists, insufficient funding and lack of trained personnel indicate the need for enhanced education and awareness programs.
  • Governance: Laboratories lack ISO accreditation, yet maintain updated clinical guidelines and employ external quality assessment.
  • Healthcare Workforce: A shortage of personnel might impact healthcare services, including cancer diagnosis and treatment.
  • Data Collaboration: Limited cross-border collaboration and data sharing pose challenges, although security guidelines and efforts toward data linking exist.

For deeper insights, refer to the factsheet below.

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