Mobilising Collaboration among Stakeholders to Optimise the Growing Potential of Data for Tackling Cancer [Academic Article]

Effective cancer diagnosis, treatment and control depend on interactions among numerous distinct factors, from technology to data to skills to sociology. But a crucial influence is the extent to which the health system takes account of the distinct perspectives of the many different groups of interdependent stakeholders concerned with cancer, including patients, practitioners and planners. This paper provides some elucidation as to how far and how efficiently these interactions currently take place in Europe. It also makes some tentative suggestions as to how conscious systematic interventions could improve cancer outcomes. It is based on a series of expert panels and surveys conducted by the European Alliance for Personalised Medicine (EAPM) that provided information at the national level on three selected parameters: implementation of next-generation sequencing (NGS) and liquid biopsy (LB), attitudes of patients to prevention and practices of sharing genomic data among healthcare professionals (HCPs). The varying data infrastructure highlights the urgent need for substantial improvements to accommodate the increasing importance of genomics data in cancer diagnosis and care. Additionally, we identify disparities in age-specific approaches to cancer prevention, emphasising the necessity for tailored strategies to address unique age group perspectives. Moreover, distinct regional prioritizations in cancer treatment underscore the importance of considering regional variations when shaping future cancer care strategies. This study advocates for collaborative data sharing supported by technological innovation to overcome these challenges, ultimately fostering a holistic and equitable provision of cancer care in Europe.

Citation: Horgan, D.; Van den Bulcke, M.; Malapelle, U.; Normanno, N.; Capoluongo, E.D.; Prelaj, A.; Rizzari, C.; Stathopoulou, A.; Singh, J.; Kozaric, M.; et al. Mobilising Collaboration among Stakeholders to Optimise the Growing Potential of Data for Tackling Cancer. J. Mol. Pathol. 2023, 4, 234-258.


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