• Safe Harbour meetings: Participation in all Alliance meetings focusing on issues linked to the EAPM Call to Action. The meetings include patients' organisations, medical professionals, healthcare planners, industry (ICT & pharmaceuticals), scientific/research, politicians and institutional representatives (such as the European Commission and European Medicine Agency).
  • Political/Regulatory Bridge: EAPM offers meaningful engagement with EU/national politicians, Commission officials, the EMA and national stakeholders to ensure that policy and regulations facilitate an environment for personalised medicine. Provides information to the political arena via, for example, the STEPs MEPs Interest Group and the annual conference.
  • Communication Bridge: Developing a narrative via consensus dialogue of changes that need to be made. Timely updates, policy engagement and analysis relevant in the field from different sources, such as patients, medical professionals, healthcare planners, scientists and researchers.
  • Network Bridge: Provides the space to allow for tangible action between stakeholders in a SMART way whether at the EU level, regional and national level.
  • Recognition in the area: Recognised within EAPM in its various forums, outreaches and communication
  • Policy Bridge: Participation in different Working Group activities of the Alliance and in the Regulatory Affairs Taskforce including Data protection, in vitro diagnostics, MAPPS and