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Maintaining Public Trust in use of Big Data for Health Science in a Covid and Post Covid World
When: 30 Jun 2020
Organiser: European Alliance for Personalised Medicine
Contact: Denis Horgan, Executive Director | phone: +32 4725 35 104 | email: denishorgan@euapm.eu

Despite us not being able to meet face-to-face, if it follows in the footsteps of our 8th annual Presidency Conference held in similar fashion a few weeks ago, it will be a great success.

It is not only excellent to have you join us from wherever you are, but your taking part in this event is also extremely important in that stakeholders in healthcare and personalised medicine clearly need to collaborate more.

Events such as this allow the pulling together of leading experts in the arena of personalised medicine drawn from patient groups, payers, healthcare professionals plus industry, science, academic and research representatives.

This is the the latest in a series of three Presidency conferences the Alliance will hold during 2020. Not only do these conferences reflect the nature of the relative presidency policies in the healthcare arena, but also act as major events during the first full year of the two new legislative bodies – the European Parliament and the European Commission.

And the event is now even more important given the incredible challenges Europe and the world now faces in the perfect storm of this devastating pandemic.

On top of this, and of course ongoing, are the Commission’s Beating Cancer Plan, the debate over HTA, the Orphan medicine review, new medical device rules and more besides.

The sessions this conference include the following:
  • Preparing health systems for Covid and Post-Covid era in the digital age
  • Trust and the use of the data
  • Digital Solution - Cancer - Prevention and Early Diagnosis
  • Personalised medicine is not only treatment: Molecular diagnostics
  • Next Steps


Please find here the preliminary programme: www.eapmpresidency2020.com/programme
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