Education of healthcare professionals and patients

The issue of education of healthcare professionals (HCPs) is one of the major ones. It is cleat that a great degree of upskilling is already required and, to keep pace with the science, this must be ongoing. Stakeholders need to achieve this together – with agreed standards across the board so that no patient is denied a suitable, virtually tailor-made treatment due to a lack of knowledge or understanding on behalf of the HCP treating and diagnosing him or her.

EAPM believes that, given the advances in PM in recent years there is now a need to reform how healthcare is delivered to the technology-aware patient. 


Policy papers

Please see the following relevant documents

Better treatment through better education - A European education strategy for the PM era

Big data report - EHFG



Let’s dive into the specifics of our objectives and work together to turn our vision into reality.

Facilitate the EU to develop an Education and Training Strategy for HCPs in Personalised Medicine by H2020

Promoting medical education, disseminating information and exchanging knowledge, technical and technological experience between professionals working in varied healthcare settings.

Developing shared and/or overlapping guidelines on order to make the most of the recent explosion in technology.

Bridging the knowledge, technical skills gap between professionals from diverse backgrounds to bring benefit to the patients

Data governance


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