EAPM Presidency Conference: Madrid, Spain

Access, Innovation and Incentives: power for civilisation to tackle cancer –and for better healthcare for ALL,

Innovation and Incentives are changing the world we live in, and it has transformed struggling healthcare systems with new efficiencies, new therapies, new diagnostics, and new economies. Innovation through incentive has had an impact on healthcare, and new prospects of far greater advances open up daily. These series of sessions during ESMO will sets out what frameworks can bring new precision to care, with benefits for patients and for society as a whole. But it also sets out the conditions for realizing the potential: key issues are ensuring adequate access to data, an appropriate regulatory environment, action to sustain innovation in research institutes and industry big and small, promotion of take-up of innovation by the healthcare establishment, and resolution of a range of vital legal and ethical questions centred on safeguarding

patients and their rights. For Europe to fulfil the conditions for success, it will have to find a new spirit of cooperation that can overcome the handicaps of the continent’s fragmented technical and legal landscape. The start the European Union has made shows some ambition, but a clearer strategic vision and firmer plans for implementation will be needed. The event brought together experts, clinicians, innovators, and patients to discuss critical issues in cancer treatment and care, emphasizing the importance of sustainable access, early diagnosis, technology adoption, and patient-centric approaches.

Agenda: https://www.euapm.eu/pdf/EAPM_Innovation_and_Incentives_-_power_for_civilisation_to_tackle_cancer_-_and_for_better_healthcare_for_all_thursday.pdf

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