Better Treatment Through Better Education

EAPM calls for knowledge and integration of Personalised Medicine to be included and prioritised in the education of HCPs.
In particular, EAPM’s main focus in the Education area will be on developing an Education Summer School, for June 2016, as well as a curriculum for future seasonal schools in Winter, Spring and Autumn. EAPM strongly believes that this will spearhead better diagnosis and treatment for patients across the EU.

EAPM has identified four interlocking priority areas that the EU must comprehensively address in order to further build upon the knowledge of HCPs and the potential of PM for the European citizen.

The European Commission is invited to focus funds to stimulate an Education Programme for HCP in the context of PM whereby infrastructures, curriculum development, management, governance and privacy are put to work.

For more information on the activities of this initiative, please contact Denis Horgan, Executive 

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