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Our vision is grounded in the profound belief that healthcare should be as unique as the individuals it serves. In a world that’s increasingly interconnected and diverse, EAPM is dedicated to spearheading a new era in healthcare — one where precision and personalization redefine the standards of prevention and treatment strategies. Join us in exploring the forefront of medical innovation, where our commitment to individualized care is not just a goal but a revolution. Welcome to a future where healthcare truly fits you.


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Academic Article published at the American Association for Cancer Research Congress in San Diego

Academic article published in the Current Oncology journal

Introducing Our 5 Comprehensive Courses

Academic Article published in the Prestigious Journal Heliyon


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The European Alliance for Personalised Medicine was launched in March 2012, with the aim of improving patient care by accelerating the development, delivery and uptake of personalised medicine and earlier diagnostics, through consensus

The multi-stakeholder nature of the Alliance allows it to act as a one- shop for stakeholders in personalised medicine and personalised healthcare.


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Side Event at ESMO2024 Congress

Name: The missing element in bringing real innovation to Europe’s healthcare system and tangible benefits for cancer patients Location: Hotel Porta Fira, Pl. d’Europa, 45, 08908 L’Hospitalet de Llobregat, Barcelona,

Side Event at ESP2024 Congress

Name: Tackling the implementation gap for the uptake of NGS and advanced molecular diagnostics into healthcare systems: The Role of Pathology and Medical Laboratories Location: Careggi University Hospital, Florence, Italy

Side Event at EHA2024 Congress

Name: Tackling the implementation gap to improve early diagnosis and treatment for haematology patients Location: Side Event at EHA2024 Congress venue – IFEMA MADRID RECINTO FERIAL (Fairgrounds), Madrid, Spain –

BEACON High Level Conference

The BEACON consortium is organising a High Level Conference in Warsaw on May 16th/17th entitled ‘Mobilising Collaboration among Stakeholders to Optimise the Growing Potential of Data for Tackling Cancer’.   This event


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news, events and publication updated.