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EHA Round Table Meeting - “EU options for improving access to medicines."
When: 22 Jun 2017
Organiser: European Alliance for Personalised Medicine
Contact: Denis Horgan, Executive Director | phone: +32 4725 35 104 | email: denishorgan@euapm.eu

This workshop, with a multistakeholder panel is designed to elicit responses from the healthcare community to understand the way that they see as the future direction to improve access to medicines.

Among areas that need to come under scrutiny and be debated are:

  • The need to focus on access to healthcare systems. There is currently an over-emphasis on medicines, and these are only one aspect of healthcare
  • In these troubled times of austerity and ageing populations, we need to re-organise how modern healthcare works - by using all stakeholders
  • We need to address the differences, not only between countries but also between regions within individual countries - which often show that there is a need for regulatory balance, so that it is not always top-down.
  • We need to look closely at the role of regulators when it comes to facilitating changes
  • There is a keen, urgent and vital need to put systems in place to support innovation
  • There should be equilibrium in patient access across the EU, whereas we currently have a huge imbalance in that regard


EHA Congress 2017 - Room N113 -  IFEMA - Feria de Madrid: Avda. del Partenón, 5, 28042 Madrid, Spain

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