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EAPM Round Table Meeting - ESMO Congress 2017
When: 10 Sep 2017
Organiser: European Alliance for Personalised Medicine
Contact: Denis Horgan, Executive Director | phone: +32 4725 35 104 | email: denishorgan@euapm.eu

The meeting at the ESMO Congress in Madrid will be the fifth such roundtable conducted by the European Alliance for Personalised Medicine (EAPM).

This interaction is one key aspect of EAPM’s stated goals - to engage with the medical community whenever possible, and at every level. The format will see a series of two interactive sessions, running from 09.00-15.00, which will cover the following:

  1. Proposal - Personalized Medicine: Translational Continuing Education Initiative
  2. Incentives, Screening and Access in Healthcare

The first session on Translational Continuing Education Initiative will be Chaired by Gordon McVie. It will be from 09.00 - 12.00 in the Congress venue in Room 56.

It will address the fact there are many barriers to innovation in clinical practice including market access, scientific, and/or regulatory challenges, the biggest challenge across the healthcare system is continuing medical education. Although education should be a top priority to modernize healthcare systems, most educational programs are delivered sub optimally through didactic lectures that are not clinically oriented.

The second session on Incentives & Screening will be from 13.00 - 15.00 and address the issue of 'Where is the value?'

It  is a big question in many areas of life. While most people accept that innovation is good for citizenry, many question the perceived high prices charged by pharmaceutical companies for certain medicines - prices that many Member State healthcare systems have to forego. The knock-on effect, of course, is that many patients are denied novel drugs and/or treatments, leading to a lower quality of life and sometimes avoidable death.  A key element of this roundtable will be coming up with concrete recommendations about how Europe can integrate all the new science into healthcare systems, with the ultimate goal of allowing citizens’ access to all preventative and personalised care.


ESMO Congress 2017 - Room N56 - IFEMA - Feria de Madrid: Avda. del Partenón, 5, 28042 Madrid, Spain

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