TEACH - Summer School

   Participating organisations

   - European Haematology Association
   - European Society for Nuclear Medicine
   - European Association of Urology
   - European Respiratory Society
   - European Society of Pathology
   - European Society of Pharmacogenomics
   - European Institute for Oncology
   - Association of Public Health School
   - European Brain Council
   - European Association of Hospital Pharmacists
   - European Organisation for the Research and Treatment of Cancer


The European Alliance for Personalised Medicine, in close partnership with more than a dozen medical societies and associations, will run a first Summer School for young healthcare professionals and patients in mid-2016.

Entitled ‘TEACH’ (Training and Education for Advanced Clinicians and HCPs), the school will be held at various cultural venues (see below) in Cascais, near Lisbon, Portugal, and will run from 3-7 July.


It is primarily aimed at young healthcare professionals aged 28-40.

Under the Italian Presidency of the EU in 2014, a key meeting was held between the medical societies (see box to the right) and EAPM in Brussels’ prestigious and historic Bibliotheque Solvay.

There, it was determined through consensus that a multi-stakeholder approach to HCP training was urgently required.

The concept was developed and followed up during the Luxembourg Presidency and officially noted in the Grand Duchy’s landmark Council Conclusions on personalised medicine.

Meanwhile, EAPM’s HCP training strategy has been presented to the European Council, MEPs and the Commission.

The Alliance and fellow stakeholders have been working tirelessly to reach the goal of ‘the right treatment for the right patient at the right time’ to help create a healthier Europe for its 500 million citizens across 28 countries.

The consensual aim is to raise awareness among policymakers about the needs of modern-day patients and how personalised medicine has the potential to change healthcare for the better.

All concerned believe it is vital to develop training for professionals whose disciplines are essential to the successful development of personalised medicine. This is in order to promote the shared understanding and collaborative development of necessary tools.

The first TEACH summer school is an important step in that direction.

Participating organisations