"Taking Stock: Where we are now and the necessary next steps."

Tuesday 5 & Wednesday 6 April 2016 Bibliotheque Solvay, Brussels

The Alliance’s fourth annual conference, to be held once again in Brussels at the historic Bibliotheque Solvay on 5-6 April, will build on these solid foundations and aims to raise awareness among policymakers about the needs of modern-day patients and how personalised medicine has the potential to change healthcare for the better.

The theme will be: “Taking Stock: Where we are now and the necessary next steps.”


At Bibliotheque Solvay, high-level speakers and attendees will come from a wide range of stakeholder groups including patients, healthcare professionals, academics, industry representatives, politicians and legislators, the media and more.

As in previous editions, the conference will be held across one-and-a-half days, and the aim is to see real and concrete recommendations emerge.

Expected outcomes 
It is necessary to formulate a patient-centred strategy involving EU decision makers and regulators in the arena of public health, to enable the EU and Member States to contribute to integrating personalised medicine into clinical practice while enabling much-greater access for patients.
In order to provide a clear focus and to devote sufficient space to analysis, discussions during the conference will concentrate on how:

  • to assess and address obstacles to the integration of personalised medicine into Europe’s healthcare systems
  • to identify best practices and their added value
  • to outline the potential benefits of personalised medicine on public health and its impact on policymaking in the EU

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