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Conference Welcome

Invitation from the EAPM Co-Chairs to attend the EAPM Conference:

EAPM’s fifth annual conference will, like the first four editions, pull together leading experts in the arena of personalised medicine drawn from patient groups, payers, healthcare professionals plus industry, science, academic and research representatives.

The theme will be: “Innovation and Screening in Lung Cancer  - The Future” and will once again be held in the historic Bibliothèque Solvay in Brussels.

This conference will build upon the previous high-profile EU Presidency Conferences and a series of national events that EAPM has hosted in major European cities including Dublin, Brussels, Milan, Warsaw, Copenhagen, Madrid, Sofia and Athens, culminating in the Alliance’s participation in a Sustainable Development Goals session, which took place during the recent UN General Assembly Meeting in New York.

The Brussels-based Alliance is made up of patients, researchers, scientists, academics and healthcare professionals, plus law- and policy-makers and is tasked with engaging with institutions, such as the European Commission, Parliament and Council, as well as Member State governments.

Its diversity is key and has a significant effect on persuading cross-disciplinary stakeholders to leave their silos, communicate and cooperate at a high level.

David Byrne and Gordon McVie, EAPM Co-Chairs.

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