EAPM Conference – 9-10 September 2014 

                               Integrating Personalised Medicine into EU Strategy


EAPM’s second annual conference on 9th & 10th September 2014, aims to raise awareness among policymakers about the needs of modern-day patients and how personalised medicine has the potential to change healthcare for the better. The conference and European Parliament hosted dinner have the goal of stimulating informed debate, interaction and collaboration over the vital health issues that face us all, now and into the future. 


•    Why Personalised Medicine adds value to EU healthcare;

•    Cost-efficiency and the road to investment in the era of Personalised Medicine;

•    Personalised Medicine and the Commission – Integration into the EU strategy;

•    Personalised Medicine and the Parliament – Reshaping healthcare for patients;

•    Research frameworks and Big Data;

•    Early access and healthcare delivery.


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Statement by the European Parliament

One of our most important missions as politicians is to ensure that any citizen across the European Union fully enjoys his or her right for access to high quality health care and medical products.   We recognize that personalised medicine has the potential to realize the vision of being able to improve overall health  | Read the full statement


Statement by EU Health Commissioner Tonio Borg

Personalised medicine is a promising concept.  As patients are divided into groups based on their individual, biological, genetic and genomic characteristics, medical interventions are tailored to those patients’ needs. | Read the full statement


Statement by Irish Health Minister James Reilly

The European Alliance has been instrumental in bringing together key stakeholders to explore the potential of personalised medicine to provide solutions that are better tailored to the individual patient than traditional “one size fits all” medicinal products.  Read the full statement



Click here to see: EAPM Position Statement
Support for IMI 2

Meeting the challenge

Healthcare practitioners need to access the right test at the right time and be in a position to correctly interpret the test result to identify the right treatment option. Therefore, it is important to consider the training needs of all clinicians so that they feel empowered by the additional information rather than overwhelmed by it

Patients will be empowered to take decisions on their own therapeutic management

Educated and empowered patients need to understand that a test may be necessary to decide on the right treatment, one that respects genetic difference

Educated and empowered patients need to understand that a test may be necessary to decide on the right treatment, one that respects genetic difference

 A patient-centred structure for risk communication should be developed in order to enhance patients’ awareness, competence and adherence to medicatio between people and molecular differences between diseases

What we Do

      • Allow early patient access to novel and efficacious personalised medicine
      • Increase research and development for personalised medicine
      • Improve the Education and Training of Healthcare Professionals
      • Acknowledge new approaches to reimbursement and health technology assessment
      • Increase awareness and understanding of personalised medicine